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About us

The AHA (NT) was established in 1979, and is the leading Territory hospitality industry association representing the rights and interests of its members to Territory, Federal and local governments, other relevant parties and the community. In 2018 in the interests of all members and in recognition of the diverse hospitality businesses we represent, the AHA (NT) changed its name to 'Hospitality NT.' 

We currently have over 300 members, associates and sponsors ranging from small regional establishments to 5 star hotels, breweries, beverage suppliers, furnishings and many other diverse complimentary businesses.

Unique to the Northern Territory, the AHA (NT) membership base incorporates 5 divisions: 

  • Accommodation Hotel Sector
  • Hotel / Tavern Sector
  • Wayside Inn Sector
  • Club Sector 
  • Restaurant, Cafes, Breweries, Distillery and Small Bar Sector

Hospitality NT offers its members a unified approach to confronting the issues affecting the hospitality industry in the Northern Territory. Hospitality NT is able to offer strong representation at both Territory and Federal levels, on issues that affect the industry generally.

Through membership with Hospitality NT, venues are part of a strong, focused and proactive association for the hospitality industry. This relationship assists venues to protect their investment and have their views heard by the Government and key groups whose decisions impact on their business. 

The Association also works closely with a wide range of stakeholders, providing leadership, advice and support aimed at ensuring the prosperity of all involved in hospitality and hospitality - related businesses. 

The primary objective of the Hospitality NT is to uphold and promote the quality, integrity and reputation of the hospitality industry.

A National AHA office is located in Canberra. The President of each State and Territory Branch together with the President of the Accommodation Hotels Division constitutes the National Executive, which meets regularly to formulate strategies and determine action. 

The Industry Skills Council developed an 'Insights' document which provides a comprehensive look into the NT's hospitality industry - Hospitality | ISACNT