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Pre-Employment Programs

Pre-Employment Programs can be useful to assist hospitality employers to give potential employees a real world opportunity to build skills for working in the hospitality industry, through work tasters, work experience and mentoring, as well as through basic hospitality skills sets such as RSA, RSG, customer service and food hygiene and handling. 

In March-April 2016, the AHA (NT) facilitated delivery of a Hospitality Pre-Employment Program Katherine, following requests from members.  The program was funded by the NT Department of Business (see report), and delivered by ICAE, with the strong support of hospitality businesses in Katherine.

Other pre-employment programs can also be provided by YouthWORX NT’s Transition to Work program which provides intensive pre-employment support to improve the work readiness of young people aged 15-21 and to guide them into meaningful work and/or further education.  The program also provides support for employers who are involved and who become Partners.

Hospitality NT will continue to canvass support from members for additional hospitality industry specific pre-employment programs in other regional and suburban areas.