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Upskilling & Development Fund

Hospitality NT is excited to relaunch our ‘Local Hospitality Upskill and Development Fund’ in partnership with Tourism NT and the NT Government.

This year there is $45,000 of funds available for hospitality staff to apply for, with a maximum of $2,000 per person. 

Hospitality NT has outlined some eligibility criteria and priorities we are seeking to support but the aim of the ‘Local Hospitality Upskill and Development Fund’ is to support the retention of key hospitality staff and to improve the products and services of our industry. 

Application Process

  • The fund is only available for existing hospitality workers who have worked in the NT industry for more than 6 months and who have the support of their manager/owner on their application
  • Priority will be given to apprentices, trainees, duty managers, supervisors and managers
  • Priority will be given to projects not funded before in prior Upksill Rounds. 
  • An Application form must be fully completed and sent to Hospitality NT

The Application Form can be found here Download Upskill & Development Fund Application Form.pdf


  • This fund is for non-accredited training. For accredited training, please contact Hospitality NT who can talk through some other funding avenues
  • Hospitality NT will assess each application on its merits, its benefits for the employee, their employer and the broader industry
  • Hospitality will directly cover the costs provided by the applicant in their application – the funds won’t be provided directly to applicants (e.g. Hospitality NT will book and pay for course fees, flights, accommodation up to $2,000)
  • Applications can be made throughout the year, however the fund is capped at $45,000

More information please contact the Hospitality NT Office

Ph: 8981 3650

Email: admin@hospitalitynt.com.au