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Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA)

The new Liquor Act and Regulations came into force 1 October 2019. In regard to Responsible Service Certificates, section 137 outlines the requirement below.

Please note, that there is a 12 month extension for any staff having to complete a Refresher Course if their current certificate is more than 3 years old (as at 1 October 2019).

137 - Responsible service certificate 

(1) A licensee must ensure that every employee whose responsibilities involve serving patrons or supervising the serving of patrons:

(a) holds a responsible service of alcohol certificate issued by a body:

(i) accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority; or

(ii) approved by the Commission; and

(b) completes a refresher course on the responsible service of alcohol from a body approved by the Commission if the certificate is more than 3 years old.

(2) In the case of a new employee who does not hold the certificate, but whose responsibilities involve serving patrons or supervising the serving of patrons, the licensee must ensure that the employee either obtains the certificate within 7 days or is removed from those responsibilities.



**Licensees must maintain a RSA Training Register, which can be inspected by NT Police and Licensing NT. Download record-of-employees-with-rsa-form.pdf



Below are details of the readily available RSA courses, both online and face to face, that are available and provided by sponsors, members or others:

Charles Darwin University (for eligible NT residents) Location: Palmerston Campus, Building B. Contact 08 8946 7525 or VET.THR@cdu.edu.au for more information.

Karen Sheldon Training Contact our office on 08 7919 7099 for more details of our upcoming courses.

CTA Training Australia (NT Online RSA offered):

RSA Online Training Course for NT | CTA Training Specialists (clubtraining.com.au)


ICAE (International College of Advanced Education)