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Work Experience

Work experience is a valuable way for potential employees to become more job-ready and to find out what work in the industry entails, as well as giving employers the chance to work with and assess potential employees.  In the hospitality industry work experience can be supported through the VET in Schools program (see separate section) or through a range of other programs including the Australian Government’s National Work Experience Program. 

The National Work Experience Programme is part of jobactive. It is a work experience programme which places job seekers in real life work experience placements. It helps jobseekers gain experience and confidence, while demonstrating skills to potential employers.   

National Work Experience Program (NWEP)

Jobactive and Wage Subsidies
Jobactive is the Australian Government’s group of programs to assist employees and employers. A network of jobactive providers operates across 1700 locations in Australia to provide employment services to employers and job seekers.

Employers can get help from jobactive providers to source and recruit employees who meet their business needs.

Job seekers can get help from a jobactive provider to find and keep a job.

 jobactive Program Fact Sheet 

There are a range of wage subsidies available under jobactive

Wage Subsidy Fact Sheet for Employers

Employment Programs & Support - Contacts

The Northern Territory has a range of job active service providers and programs/services.  You can contact them for further information and assistance.