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The Northern Territory operates a Multi-Venue Self Exclusion system that all gambling venues are regsitered for. 

People experiencing problems with their gambling are able to exclude themselves to up to 35 venues by enterting into a Multi-Venue Self Exclusion Deed. 

The process is quick and easy and should only take 10minutes. 

Entering into a Multi-Venue Self Exclusion Deed can be done at any gambling venue, gambling support service or at Hospitality NT office. 

For more information, please contact Hospitality NT's NT Gambling Care:

Sarah Andrews

Ph: 8981 3650

Email: admin@hospitalitynt.com.au

MVSE Flyer for Gaming Venues:

Download Gambling_Poster.pdf


Wednesday 2nd December, 2020

 NT Gambling Care Receives Approval for a Multi Venue Self Exclusion Online System

Members who operate electronic gambling machines may be aware that for the past few years the idea of moving from a paper based single venue self-exclusion regime to a multi-venue system has been talked about, piloted in some parts of the Territory and has had considerable taxpayer resources expended on it.

Feedback from our Members who were participating in the trial was that the solution being proposed was not user friendly, required dedicated hardware which would provide an ongoing challenge to update and did not have the necessary privacy agreements in place to protect venues and clients alike.

This feedback was received from a wide range of venues across our different sectors and prompted the Hospitality NT Board to investigate alternate options. It turns out that in every other gaming jurisdiction in Australia it is industry that has taken the lead and implemented a Multi Venue Self Exclusion (‘MVSE’) system.

In partnership with the two NT Casinos, Clubs and Hotels, the entity of ‘NT Gambling Care’ was established, which successfully proposed to the NT Government, that locally as an industry we would rollout MVSE into gaming venues across the Territory using an off the shelf online system developed and used by our colleagues in NSW.

“NT Gambling Care is a big step in the right direction for dealing with addictive behaviours and gaming machines…I commend the Territory’s pubs and clubs for taking this initiative”, said Minister for Justice, Natasha Fyles.

“A great initiative by an industry to lead the way in finding long term solutions to the 1% of Members of our community that find gambling a real problem.  An initiative that is inclusive of industry, service providers and government,” said Russell Reid, President ClubsNT.

The system will be known locally as NT Gambling Care and have all local content but will in fact be part of the same MVSE platform that over 950 clubs, 1,365 pubs and 286 counselling facilitators are using in NSW and have done so for over 10 years.

Our system has been designed to be as user friendly as possible and easy for venues to step through. Advice from our interstate counterparts and examination of the system and the trial site suggests this has been achieved.

At the time of publication relevant venues will have already been notified by NT Gambling Care Coordinators responsible for the rollout of the system. 

It is NT Gambling Cares’ hope that we can deliver this important harm minimisation measure throughout our venues with the least amount of disruption to Hospitality NT Members and their businesses.

MVSE is an important initiative that the industry has taken to demonstrate our commitment to responsible gambling and to indicate the maturing of our industry into one capable of delivery this important project.