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The NT's hospitality industry is employs over 17,000 people throughout all of the Northern Territory, including the regions. 

The industry is experiencing skill and staff shortages across the following occupations: 

Chef, Cook, Cook (Ethnic Cuisine), Cafe/Restaurant Manager, Hotel/Motel Manager, Licensed Club Manager, Waiter Supervisor and Waiters, Bar Attendant Supervisors and Bar Attendants, Sales and Marketing Manager, Conference and Event, Hotel/Motel Receptionists, Gaming Managers, Bakers, Barista, Crowd Controllers, Hotel Service Managers, Housekeeping....and lots more! 

All of these occupations are on the NT Government's Skilled Occupation Proirity List  

The best way to search for jobs in the NT is to go to WORKER CONNECThttps://jobs.theterritory.com.au/ 

This platform will put you in contact directly with NT employers who are looking for workers and it also allows you to upload your resume, so that NT employers can search for you!