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RSA Refresher

From 1 October 2019, all staff working in the hospitality and tourism industry that require an accredited Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate ((SITHFAB002), must either renew this accreditation or can now do Hospitality NT’s online RSA Refresher course, after 3 years.

The RSA Refresher Course is free and available online https://www.ntrefreshrsa.com/

The course focuses on NT-specific information as well as local case studies.

This refresher course has come together through a partnership between the Northern Territory Government and Hospitality NT.

The addition on a 3-year expiry on RSA Certificates came into effect with the new Liquor Act on 1 October 2019, with a 12-month deferral provided to workers. 

A venue's RSA Register should show the original accredited RSA certificate (noting it has expired) and the RSA Refresher certificate. Every 3 years the staff member would need to get a new RSA Refresher Certificate.