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Accommodation Advisory Council/ Accommodation Division

The Accommodation Advisory Council represents Accommodation Hotels in the Northern Territory, an important component to the hospitality industry and to the broader economy.  

The Chair of the NT's Accommodation Advisory Council is Craig Jervis, who is also the NT's National Accommodation Representative and Hospitality NT Board Member.

Manager of the NT Accommodation Advisory Council is Sarah Andrews (email:sarah@hospitalitynt.com.au or phone 08 8981 3650)

The Accommodation Advisory Council:

  • Conducts an Annual Conference 
  • Meets quarterly in both Darwin and Alice Springs
  • Reports to the Board of Hospitality NT, as well as the National Accommodation Division and TAA
  • Provides briefings to the Tourism Minister, the Minister for Business and the Chief Minister on specific industry issues
  • Provide feedback to the Hospitality NT office on relevant Reviews and Submission
  • Continue to promote training and career opportunities
  • Participate in an Annual Salary
  • Provide feedback on actual or proposed industrial relations changes.
  • Monitor the impact of the unregulated accommodation sector on the regulated market
  • Advocate to maintain a specific lodging liquor licence category and make appropriate submissions on proposed liquor licensing annual fees
  • Continue to oppose Bed Tax
  • Seek a NT Government Review into sewerage tariffs
  • Promote solar energy and the take up of NT Government incentives
  • Continue to promote and support apprentices and trainees
  • Engage with local RTOs and VET in School providers
  • Discuss the economic environment needed for continued refurbishments and new product
  • Continue to provide submissions and representations on aviation, capacity and transport policies
  • Advocate for continued tourism infrastructure funding, especially in regional areas

Boards, Working Groups & Memberships Current Representation

  • Unregulated Accommodation Steering Committee: Des Crowe
  • NT Tourism Commission: Mick Burns & Geoff Weeks
  • City of Darwin CBD Summit: Des Crowe, Mick Burns
  • NT Population Committee: Des Crowe
  • NT Business Council: Des Crowe
  • Industry Reference Group (Alcohol Reforms): John Tourish (Chair), Mick Burns, Des Crowe and Sarah Andrews
  • NT Commercial Passenger Vehicle Forum: Des Crowe (alternate Sarah Andrews)
  • Regional Labor and Skills Committee: Des Crowe
  • Skills IQ RSA Technical Advisory Committee: Des Crowe
  • City of Darwin’s Public Places Services Collaboration Group: Des Crowe
  • NT Major Business Group: Geoff Weeks


For more information on how to join this Advisory Council, please contact:

Sarah Andrews

Email: sarah@hospitalitynt.com.au

Phone: (08) 8981 3650.